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Everything you need for your restaurant from your software to your marketing

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Control your business, all your sales reports in one place to help you make decisions quicker with our all-in-one solution, manage your POS/KDS and website easily from the same interface.

Resto Radar

I detect fraudulent transactions and prevent them. I can reduce your risk of fraud by up to 95%. I got your back !

Resto POS

I create and manage your day-to-day orders.

Resto KDS

I’m a kitchen dispay that will show you the order to be prepared. Wouldn’t everything be easier with me ?

Resto Website

I’m a fully customized website for your restaurant.

Resto M-POS

I’m the lite version of Resto POS, mainly used to display orders. I’ll drag customers for you !

Resto Driver

I’m an app for delivery personnel where they can see assigned orders and collect payment with mobile terminal or cash if required. You really have to work with me.

Resto Dashboard

I’m an interface for the managers where they can control their restaurants remotely. So, dear managers, if you are reading this, know that I’m here to help you manage easily your orders, payments, employees, marketing, website, restaurants, menu and more…

Resto RP

I’m a simplified Resources Planner designed to satisfy your needs in accounting, Human Resource Management, inventory, purchasing and procurement process flow. Please let me help you !


I’m a Marketplace, the only ordering app you’ll ever need.

Resto Assistant

I’m an AI system that analyzes customer’s behavior in different restaurant websites and RESTO2You Marketplace to recommend the best suitable meals for them every day and also help them with diets if they need it. Am I not too cool ?

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