un your Back of House operations Smoothly

Run your Back of House operations Smoothly

Give your Staff the visibility they need

Digitize your restaurant with RESTO KDS and eliminate missing orders and communication problems. Connect your back of house and your front of house, to deliver an amazing guest experience.
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Serving Innovation

Effective Communication

Real-Time Updated Informations from POS. 

Improved Kitchen Efficiency

Optimize Time, Ressources and Quality

Greater customer satisfaction

Providing Best Service that impacts your Business’ Reputation

Increase Your Productivity

Automating the management of your orders and Get Insights of your Kitchen Performance

Your Kitchen is the Heartbeat of your Restaurant.

You’ve Got Questions ,We’ve Got Answers !


Our Kitchen Display system is very reliable , easy to use and simple . All your orders are shown perfectly with all the details on the screen for a bette back of house service!

Our KDS is fully integrated with Resto POS , not only  table orders , but also delivery and pick up ones . You have everything that you need .

Our Kitchen Display System provides printing integration on our great hardware with special design and can handle the heat of your restaurant.

All-Round Integration

Resto KDS is fully integrated with Resto POS. It supports all types of orders — walk-in, dine-in, online, and delivery — to streamline your operations effectively. Orders are automatically routed to your Kitchen Display Screens, removing the risk of missed or incorrect orders.

Bumping Item Levels

Resto KDS enables your chefs to easily and effectively track item completion by bumping off each item after it's made with a simple click or press.

Organised Stations

Depending on the demands of your business, you can set up various cooking stations. Our KDS automatically divides orders into menu categories, allowing goods to be displayed at predetermined cooking stations. This improves communication between your culinary personnel and promotes operational efficiency.

Device Agnostic

Supporting both touch and bump interfaces on any OS, resolution, screen size, or device. Whether you're using a tablet, monitor, or large-screen TV in a busy and high-stress kitchen, you'll have the most versatility. There is no proprietary hardware, and deployment expenses are kept at a minimum.